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FleetBoard DispoPilot.app – The flexible Solution for Your Subcontractors

With the DispoPilot.app, FleetBoard offers a new app for customers who wish to design their logistics processes and capacities in cooperation with subcontractors in a flexible and dynamic mode. In the context of the flexible usage of resources, it is no longer necessary to provide hardware, because the drivers of the corresponding service provider can use their own devices. The communication between the entrepreneur and the drivers is ensured by means of the DispoPilot.app. The entrepreneur can control the logistics processes over the Logistics Management services and FleetBoard Mapping in an optimal manner in the working environment he is used to, the FleetBoard Cockpit.

The DispoPilot.app is offered in 24 languages and is available free of charge for download in the Google Play Store. Its convincing features are simple administration, intuitive operability and flexibility for both driver and entrepreneur.

Functions of the DispoPilot.app
– Communication between the driver of the subcontractor and the central dispatch office
– Transfer of geo-encoded destinations to an external navigation
– Transfer of position data from the app
– Controlling of external printers
– Transfer of photographs from the app with display in the Cockpit / via external e-mail app
– Options for the integration of a bar code scanner

Prerequisites for the use of the DispoPilot.app
– Operating system: Android
– Is supported by tablets and smartphones version 4.1.x or higher.
– Customer-owned device and customer-owned SIM card (with data tariff/Internet access)


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