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iFreightClaim is an application for any warehouse, stock location, office or any place where goods are being received. If contents of a shipment arrived damaged how easy is it for you to file, track and complete a freight damage report? For most, it usually a combination of taking pictures, scribbled notes and different forms, which is cumbersome and time consuming. This app simplifies the process of documenting and submitting a transportation freight damage claim. In fact it standardizes how you file your claim with any carrier or transportation provider!

Use the wizard step by step interface to fill out the fields. Fields can be customized to be different carrier by carrier. Take a picture and attach them for each damaged item. Submit a prepared report for approval by a client or manager and with a single touch share and send the claim to the carrier.

Gain efficiency by
-Save re-typing by retaining carrier address information.
-Retain and save a contact information for each carrier
-Save your shipper’s information for easy selection later
-View and track your claims with full detail and pictures
-Standard claim process regardless of the carrier used. (*as much as that is possible. Some carriers insist on additional fields of information)

Define any number of carriers on your device with claim submission information.

Improve speed of your claim by using HD pictures in your damage reports

Share your damage report
-by e-mail with input data attached and pictures
-link to a iFreightClaim.com web site and view claim inside a web application (*with subscription)
-e-mail PDF report (*with subscription)

Track your status of claim by looking at status on the web or your device.

Utilize industry best practices for monitoring and tracking claim process by subscribing to the web integrated services where reports, dashboards with KPI and notification will keep the claim process moving.

Although we will be continuously updating carrier requirements within this app, you can request addition of your favorite carrier so we can customize the process for them by capturing additional fields. (*contact us for further details)

App can be used in Mobile Only mode and is limited to 10 claims. Purchase more claims by using In-App purchase through the application.

Note: Mobile only mode still interacts with the site but does not save any damage report information. In this plan all data is on the device only.


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