Inventory Manager Lite

Inventory Manager Lite

Inventory Manager Lite

BH Soft
Andriod 2.1 and up +


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Manage your inventory with your Android device !
Don’t let your canned food stock “enough-for-an-army” expire and become unsafe !

Functionalities :
– Inventory classified by product and location in your house.
– Scan a barcode to add or remove a product from inventory
– List of items near expiry (less than 15 days left) on main screen
– Simple and easy to use

Don’t forget to configure locations before starting to enter items.

What this app DON’T manage :
– DVD or music collections
– product identification : that app isn’t linked to some online product database. When you scan a new product, it ask you to enter the designation.

Will require ZXing barcode scanner app. Home inventory will ask you to download it from market (free) if you don’t have it yet.

At the moment, this app is mainly focused on stuff having an expiry date.

This free, ad-supported version is limited to 15 different product types and 3 locations. Full and ad-free version is available.
Internet permission is required for ads.

One advice : avoid to manage there stuff having a high turnover. You may not want to take your phone each time you want to eat a yoghurt or biscuit !

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